The Saint Louis Celestial Intervention Agency began in 1983, shortly after our local PBS station, KETC-Channel 9, began showing the Tom Baker episodes of Doctor Who. All these many years later, the CIA has changed and evolved, and channel 9 no longer shows Doctor Who, but the fundamental focus remains–a sociable, active club that centers on the best in science-fiction and fantasy media.

The CIA’s main interests are British Fantasy like Doctor Who, Blake’s Seven, and Red Dwarf, but also American shows like Babylon 5 and the Star Trek shows, movies like Star Wars, animation, comics and pretty much whatever strikes our fancy.
Each meeting includes news from the many worlds of science fiction, club news, local events, giveaways, etc., etc., etc., and each meeting usually concludes with showings of different and weird video.
Also included with membership is The Time Lord Times, the CIA’s bi-monthly, hardcopy newsletter, filled with facts, photos, and fun stuff, delivered straight to your door by our special courier (the mail man).
Occasionally, CIA members go on special outings, movies, museum trips, or to events at the Science Center, or helping out at Channel 9 during their pledge breaks…

…and, like the TARDIS, there’s always plenty of room inside.

Things we are: social, hoopy, accessible, different, fun.
Things we aren’t: stuffy, power-mad, conventional (although we still go to conventions), normal, a government intelligence agency, expensive.
Membership in the CIA is only $12 per year. Contact our membership co-ordinator at [email protected], or send a check or money order to us.